Love in a Mist

Be the energy you want others to absorb. – A.D. Posey


Using an Energy Spray can have a powerful and profound effect on your mood, how others relate to you and can shift energies that are stuck in your system, slowing you down and making you feel less than your best.

Our Energy sprays are individually hand made by us with love, using the right combination of essential oils, blended and suspended in potentised pure water. To complete the process we bless your energy spray with reiki, sending positive intent for your highest good.

We have a large range of energy sprays designed to support you in moving your energy to a place where you feel your best self. If you are feeling stuck with a particular issue and you don’t find what you are looking for, we can discuss what you think would benefit you, and make a bespoke energy spray – just for you…

Simply shake your bottle and spray the gentle and powerful blend in front of you… and walk through.

Each spray is in a 30ml glass bottle. of brown glass – this helps to protect the essential oils.

Contents are natural & organic, Vegan friendly & Cruelty free.

When you receive your chosen Love in a Mist Energy Spray, you will find a card letting you know the contents of your particular spray and a useful affirmation that you can use to enhance the benefits for you.

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Please do get in touch. We can discuss with you what might benefit you, and shift your energies to help you regain your centre and balance.

Reiki flow session

Receive Reiki in our Healing Room

Come and experience 'hands-on' Reiki in our carefully and lovingly created healing room. We use sensitive music, lighting and essential oils to create an atmosphere to support the ultimate healing experience.

Distance Reiki Healing

Receive Distance Healing

If you are unable to come in person for your healing session, we are able to set up a distance healing session for you. This will be carried out with careful planning with you, and we will be in touch before and after the healing takes place.

Energy Sprays and Spectrum Healing

What else do we offer

We also work with Spectrum Healing to help uncover and begin a gentle healing of old emotional traumas to support healing issues in the here and now.

To support your Reiki session you may be offered a choice of carefully created energy sprays to enhance and reach a deeper level of healing. .

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What Others Say

Reiki has helped me to calm my thinking down and I feel so much for confident as a result.

I have been an angry person for many years and now I receive reiki from Sally once a month and I finally feel that I have my life back. My friends and family have noticed a real difference in me.

Before receiving Reiki with Sally, my little Romanian rescue puppy was anxious and frightened of anyone other than me. One session brought about a change that has improved her and our lives immeasurably.

Contact Us

Please call us on 07971 922254 to discuss Reiki or Spectrum Healing treatments for you or your animal. If  we don't pick up, please DO leave a message and we'll get back to you soonest.

Please see our Shop Page when placing orders of Energy Sprays. We accept payment via PayPal and will post orders within 1-2 working days. Remember you can also collect if you are local and we deliver to surrounding villages when possible.

Please remember that if you have a particular requirement and you would like a special energy spray blended to meet your specific needs, then call us for a consultation. We will always do our best to help.


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