There are times in life when we just get stuck and no matter what we do, visit the GP, have counselling or meditate, we just can’t shift a problem. It has been widely discussed now that we hold onto emotional traumas which if not dealt with, can manifest in some other way in our lives. Spectrum Healing is a practice that supports the person and their energy system to release these traumas/life shocks/limiting patterns  and/or unwanted attachments to enable the person to return to balance to their physical or emotional lives. This work can be achieved in person or at a distance, either online (e.g., Zoom) or following a telephone call or email with the person to understand the presenting issues. 

The first session will take approximately 1 hour 30 minutes then one hour for future sessions. The cost is £65 per session.

Please do call to discuss further if you are interested 

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Reiki FLow

At Reiki Flow we aim to give you peace of mind and a healing experience to support you in mind, body and spirit along your way in life. Our guiding ethics are kindness, a peaceful heart and the belief in every person’s true light and value being observed and respected. We work with People, Animals and Situations.

Reiki flow session

Receive Reiki at our Healing Room

Come and experience ‘hands-on’ Reiki in our carefully and lovingly created healing room. We use sensitive music, lighting and essential oils to create an atmosphere to support the ultimate healing experience.

Distance Reiki Healing

Receive Distance Healing

If you are unable to come in person for your healing session, we are able to set up a distance healing session for you. This will be carried out with careful planning with you, and we will be in touch before and after the healing takes place.

Energy Sprays and Spectrum Healing

What else do we offer

To support your Reiki session you may be offered a choice of carefully created energy sprays or Spectrum Healing to enhance and reach a deeper level of healing.

Contact Us

Please call us on 07971922254 to discuss Reiki or Spectrum Healing Treatments for your or your animal. 

When placing orders for Energy Sprays, please go to our Shop page. We accept payment via PayPal and will post orders within 1-2 working days.


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